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12 August, 2016

Why do we like extension dining tables? 

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Modern extension dining tables can be arranged in any premise.

Modern furniture producers, both foreign and native, offer a wide range of extension dining tables for kitchen. Choice of such a table can depend on many factors.  First of all, it is kitchen size. There exist a lot of flats with kitchens of such a small size, that there is a need to take account of every space’s centimeter.

Extension dining tables will help to solve a problem with arrangement even of the smallest kitchen.

Strong extension dining tables are suitable for large premises.

The advantage of extension dining table setting lies in the fact that being folded it occupies minimum space, and in extension state it can admit quite a large quantity of people depending on its size.

Small extension dining tables can be made from any material.

Extension tables kinds

There are extension tables for the kitchen of different sizes and shapes. For example, extension kitchen round tables, as well as small dinette sets for 4 and glass dining table and chairs are among the most popular ones.

Round extension dining tables bring antique hints to any interior.

They can be square and rectangular, round and oval. In a very small kitchen it is advisable to set a table of round or oval shape, because outstanding angles usually obstruct hostess movement. Extension tables also differ by their construction. The most appropriate for setting in the kitchen is the table which has an additional panel or folding like a book. Especially it refers to small kitchens.

Oval extension dining tables are able to arrange a lot of people.

There exist different desktop kinds. It can be natural timber which is rather firm and durable by its nature. Wood desktop surface must be obligatory polished with ground coating and different lacquer stuffs.

Oak extension dining tables seem to be rather strong.

The desktops are also produced from such materials as chipboard, metal, artificial or natural stone, ceramic tile, plastic and glass. In order to gain an understanding of all the materials mentioned above, it is necessary to learn their peculiarities.  Very popular are the tables with glass desktops.

Natural extension dining tables are always in trend.

Extension tables for dining room: exploiting rules

There are several rules of extension tables setting in the kitchen.

If the kitchen is very small then it is necessary to foresee a space which will be necessary to extend a table. This refers to all the tables independently of material they are made of.

Low extension dining tables are usually arrange in front of the sofa.

  • It is forbidden to place plastic tables near heating devices or ovens, because plastic may deform because of high temperature.
  • Glass table should be protected from possible fall of heavy things on it.
  • Extension wood table is sensitive to high humidity and should not be placed in immediate proximity to a sink.

Light extension dining tables are suitable for dark premises.


More photos

Glass extension dining tables are chosen by contemporary people.

Functional extension dining tables can have some drawers or shelves.

Elegant extension dining tables will be a real living room decoration.

Dark extension dining tables are always in trend.Wooden extension dining tables are good for small kitchens.

White extension dining tables will be a real kitchen decoration.

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