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12 August, 2016

Small dining room tables in our interior

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Small dining room tables can have an original design.

In tiny kitchens where every centimeter plays an important role, it is really difficult to organize a cozy dining area. From one side, we have to provide the necessary space for the working area.

Cozy dining room tables share special mood.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider and to arrange in the compressed from all sides premise a comfortable dining room corner. Is it really possible to achieve this goal?

Of course, everybody wants to have something really special in this room. What abour a wooden dining table, some dining chairs or dining room cabinets?

Dark dining room tables are usually set in light rooms.

The specialists are sure that in this situation the appropriate decision will be small dining room tables.

Elegant dining room tables will be a real decoration for your home.

How could we spare the area? All in all there are some variants for this

  • Familiar dishes

More or less a comfortable eating area requires a space, which allows you to arrange all necessary plates, glass with drinks, bread and cutlery. In this situation each family chooses the optimum dish sizes. It should be noted that deep dishes, the shape of which resembles a bell or bowl, take up less space.

Glass dining room tables have become really popular.

They allow you to arrange at the same table more people than if you use usual broad flat dishes for soups. The lovers of Oriental cuisine appreciate also the compactness of Asian cutlery.

Natural dining room tables are always in trend.

  • Number of guests

The second matter, which determines the size of the table, is the quantity of people that must be placed in one and the same time for their meal. Some families need to feed at the same time 4 or 5 members. In others, people gather in small circles of 2-3 companions. Nowadays it is really possible to find some interesting dining sets for small spaces.

Oak dining room tables will serve you for a long time.

An interesting solution

If you want your kitchen to be interesting and unusual, try to find a non-standard solution. For example, start using tables, which are the continuation of window sills.

Oval dining room tables are able to arrange a lot of people.

How to do it? – In fact, it’s easier than it might seem at first glance. – If you replace a wide sill top, the breakfast can be turned into a fun pastime. The sizes can vary, but your morning coffee will become more fragrant and cozy.

Plain dining room tables are good for small rooms.

Everybody will agree that it is very pleasant to start the day with the admiring of the landscape outside the window. It is much nicer than just watching the kitchen space. – Walls, cabinets, ceiling and floor. – You see, you have seen them many times, but the situation outside is changing almost every minute.

Round dining room tables can be arranged in the middle of the room.

The undeniable advantage is the active using of the kitchen area. The flowers in the pots can be moved to the so-called second level. And for dinner for two it would be enough space. I this situation the disadvantages are a relatively small area and the inability to move the table.


More photos

Sophisticated dining room tables are able to create romantic atmosphere.

White dining room tables are ideal for any style.Wooden dining room tables are always popular.Amazing dining room tables can be met in the restaurants.Big dining room tables are suitable for large premises.

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