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12 August, 2016

Plastic dining table set: Advantages and disadvantages

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Modern dining table sets can be created from any material.

Of course, all modern people are different and that is why we usually choose quite different things for our interior. There are those, who prefer just an ordinary dining table and chair sets for the table dining room. Their interior is simple, but cozy, of course.
But nowadays you can meet more and more citizens, that adore unusual interior items made of strange materials. They take, for example, a bright round glass dining table or some dinner table chairs and turn them into a real art of creation with the help of applications or different kinds of decorations.

Dark dining table sets are usually chosen for light premises.

Kitchens with facades made from different types of plastic confidently hold the leading positions in the ranking of kitchen furniture sale.

Glass dining table sets are usually chosen by creative people.

A plastic set always looks stylish and modern, especially if the design is conceived and used unusual forms and colors of fronts and worktops.

Light dining table sets are always in trend.

Choosing a new item, you should carefully take into account all the benefits of plastic dining table sets as well as their disadvantages. Let’s discover them all.

Oak dining table sets will serve you for a long time.

Pros of kitchens with plastic facades

  • A wide range of external design – gloss or matt, patterned and spangled. ┬áThere is a special technology, which is able to imitate natural wood, stone and various types of fabric and metal. That is a good idea for those, who want to buy some end tables.

Plain dining table sets are usually suitable for any design.

  • The surface of the plastic material has an increased practicality throughout the period of its using. It is promoted by the resistance of plastic materials to all sorts of pollutants. The surface can be cleaned easily.
  • The strength of the covering ensures the absence of cracks and chips under the condition of careful using.

Round dining table sets look rather interesting.

  • High moisture resistance of the furniture, which is much better than, for example, a solid wood dining room set has.
  • Due to its neutrality plastic does not cause allergies and it is perfectly safe, even for children.
  • Wear resistance of plastic dining table sets is comparable to wear resistance of metal (especially in that case when such technologies as aluminum frame and postforming are used for edge processing).

Square dining table sets are able to arrange a lot of people.

  • The absence of dying effect in direct sunlight ensures the bright colors.
  • Low price as compared, for instance, with a cost of an oak dining table.

Stylish dining table sets will be a real home decoration.

Some of the disadvantages of plastic dining table sets

  • The glossy plastic covering keeps fingerprints on the surface.
  • Plastic can not be processed by stamping.
  • The back side plastic facade stays white.
  • In the central part the large facades sometimes have visual distortion in the form of the hollow.

Tall dining table sets are rather popular nowadays.

Varieties of kitchen plastic facades

Technology of roll or sheet of plastic material application on the base surface is performed at high temperature and under high pressure. Such conditions influence the deep diffusion of the film surface and MDF or chipboard.

Tranditional dining table sets are suitable for country style.

Changes in technology create a wide variety of obtained furniture materials. And that is why more and more people all over the world choose plastic tables and chairs instead of wooden ones.

White dining table sets are for dark offices or homes.

Depending on the price and quality of the raw materials it is possible to form the price of finished furniture. An important influence on the pricing is also provided by a method of machining the panel end edges.

Wooden dining table sets are always popular.

In the more expensive furniture sets the manufacturers use the method of aluminum edge or postforming method. These methods not only give the fa├žade a stylish look, but also make the finished product strong.


More photos

Black dining table sets are considered to be rather popular.

Corner dining table sets are perfect for small premises.

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