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12 August, 2016

Kitchen table sets: modern tendencies

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Round country kitchen table sets are really fantastic.

Fashion does not stand still, and the sphere of interior design is not an exception. In 2016 the fashion includes simplicity, sustainability and creativity. Why? – The reason is quite simple. – Because these qualities of our homes allow us to survive in today’s hectic life.

In recent years four major trends in kitchen design have been identified.

Elegant kitchen table sets are a real decoration for any interior.

The first of them is a moving from the classics to the modernity side. Kitchens are becoming more and more functional and simple. Nowadays, in some situations it is even possible to arrange some round dining room tables for 10. But, of course, such large premises are an exception.

Glass kitchen table sets look really sophisticated.

The second trend in kitchen design refers to the color. Intense, rich shades, such as red or green, have been changed to warm and more light colors: white, pale cream and shades of wood, as, for example, oak. The most fashionable kitchen is one colored.

Inexpensive kitchen table sets can have an interesting appearance.

But in the case of necessity you can enliven it by a great accent. The specialists are sure that it is possible to do it with the help of the special kitchen island or table in the dining room.

Low kitchen table sets are usually set near the sofa.

The third trend concerns the kitchen in the house or in the apartment and its sizes. Nowadays people prefer not to combine their kitchen and living room. If the space allows, the kitchen should be a separate and an independent premise.

Modern kitchen table sets can arrange a lot of people.

The fourth direction is the kitchen specialty. We are seeing a gradual abandonment from this premise traditional perception. Kitchen equipment should correspond to the demands and lifestyle of its owner. But, of course, there are some universal decisions. For example, solid wood dining tables are usually suitable for any style and direction.

Oak kitchen table sets will serve you long.

A functional kitchen determines the furniture and equipment accommodation as well as the material selection. Organizing your kitchen it is recommended not to save money for materials and finishes of the highest quality, which will be the guarantor of durability and resistance to daily use. Ergonomics is important because any gaps in the field will be burdensome for the family for many years.

Plain kitchen table sets can be met in any interior.

Wood in the kitchen

After a period of enthusiasm to plastic, metal and glass, interior designers more and more return to design with the help of natural materials.

Round kitchen table sets are able to arrange a lot of people.

Nowadays in most cases wood is taken.That is the reason why wooden breakfast table sets as well as an oak table and chairs are in trend almost all over the world.

Small kitchen table sets are good for tiny premises.

This is a very noble material, which combines the unpretentious naturalness, as well as a wide range of decorative possibilities. Until recently, the most popular were   wooden kitchen fronts and worktops, hidden behind the veneer.

Small country kitchen table sets share comfort.

Now they increasingly remain in their natural form, protected by a special tinting preservation. Kitchen facades, covered with special mastic, look very impressive, but at the same time rather elegantly, especially in that case when they are underlined by subtle wood patterns.

Stylish kitchen table sets can be of any shade.

Kitchen is an investment for years to come

If you are going to make your dream kitchen, you should keep in mind that it will serve you for at least several years. Professionally made ​​kitchen will delight all the inhabitants by its appearance and functionality. You have to understand that as a rule, people buy their dining tables and chairs for ages.


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Wooden kitchen table sets are among the most popular ones.

Big kitchen table sets are suitable for private houses.

Cozy kitchen table sets bring special atmosphere to your house.

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