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12 August, 2016

Is it suitable to place a sofa in the kitchen: variants of use?

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Huge black sofa

Once a convenient sofa has been placed in the kitchen it will grant you a special comfort, because there is nothing more pleasant than spending your time in warm atmosphere together with your relatives and friends in a cozy room.

Elaborated sofa

Some people think that a studio kitchen is a bad idea, but have you ever thought about dressers, leather sectionals or even about a queen headboard in this premise?

Sofa as the part of dining furniture group

Placing a small sofa in the kitchen which will serve as chairs, you will get quite an attractive composition. Nobody will argue the fact that it is far more convenient to sit on the sofa than on the chair. And you can arrange some small round breakfast tables in front of it.

Elegant sofa in classic style

After dinner or supper time you will be able to have rest in comfort remaining in the kitchen; soft sofa will provide you with an opportunity of valuable relax.

Extendable sofa

The sofa, as a part of dining furniture group, may be used even in the small apartments. Nowadays one can easily find quite compact models, often angle shaped, which take minimum place but at the same time provides all the necessary functions.  Soft seat and back shape your body easily and you can enjoy the feeling of comfort and cosiness.

Fashionable sofa

Separate sofa

This variant will suit quite a spacious kitchen. If you’ve got a possibility to place the sofa separately then it gives you extra possibilities. For example, many people prefer to purchase a folding sofa for their kitchen for the possibility to turn it into additional sleeping place for quests

Grey contemporary sofa

During a day such a sofa occupies few place and in the evening it is possible to unfold it and turn into a wide bed on which your guests will sleep perfectly well.

Ivory home sofa

How to choose a place for the sofa

It is not important how big the kitchens’ space is: sofa can be located even in six-meter apartment at that you will be surprised how many space you can save with the kitchen sofa’s help.

Large sofa

Designers recommend to choose an angle shaped sofa for the square kitchen and settle dining group apposite the working area.

Living room sofa is chosen by many people.

If your kitchen is of elongated configuration then angle-shaped sofa would not suit and will only overload the space. In this case give your preference to the straight models without arms.

Ordinary red sofa is really popular now.

In case you are a lucky owner of a spacious kitchen you can well afford to have a rest on a valuable sofa.  you will want to use it to separate a kitchen and a dining room and in this case it is necessary to place it in the middle of the apartment.

Sophisticated posh sofa is chosen by romantic people.

Materials for sofas production

It is not a secret that high humidity prevails in the kitchen. This means that timber which is used for sofa’s carcass construction must be of a high quality. Expanded polyurethane is recommended as a filling material. This material is distinguished by its softness, flexibility and elasticity and will serve you for a long period of time without any deformations and will keep its look.

White corner sofa is suitable for small premises.

Upholstery fabric needs your close attention. It must be durable and demand no close attention.


More photos

White sofa with pillows is suitable for living rooms.

A pair of sofas looks really interesting.

Fabulous Gray Modern Style Mini Sofa Strips Cushion Design

Fabulous Gray Modern Style Mini Sofa Strips Cushion Design

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