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13 August, 2016

How to choose kitchen dining tables

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Provincial kitchen dining table is chosen for Scandinavian style.

Kitchen is a heart of any house. Kitchen is a place for both cooking sacrament and repast feast, for significant family holidays and dates celebrations, sincere talks and important decision taking.

Contemporary kitchen dining table is often chosen by creative people.

But dining table is undoubtedly a center of any kitchen, both small and large. It is almost a family member, it unites, listens, supports, bends under meals, but stands firmly on its four wooden legs. If only it is chosen correctly and bought with a soul for years, of course.

Today it is difficult to surprise a customer, there is an enormous quantity of tables made of various materials, shapes and sizes. Certainly, choice always depends on buyer’s taste and flat sizes.

Corner kitchen dining table is suitable for small premises.

During last years fashion for conciseness became widespread, being exactly reflected by tables with glass tabletop due to seeming look of simplicity. They are airy, transparent and do not visually reduce the space of a kitchen-dining room.

Ivory kitchen dining table has a so elegant appearance.

Round tables did not lose their popularity even through centuries, because such tables are called conflict-free, they create an atmosphere of parity and fellowship. Agree, that it is rather pleasant to seat close to your friends and dear people, being not separated by angles. But round tables are not practical in small-sized kitchens.

Light natural kitchen dining table is suitable for any style.

Typical flats of the last century have got notorious small kitchens. Many families solve this problem removing the wall between kitchen and adjusting room, thus forming kitchen-dining room; but what should do those, who do not like to turn their flat into a studio? Perfect variant for small kitchen is an extension table.

Long brown kitchen dining table is a perfect solution for large families.

When been folded, it naturally and compactly matches your small kitchen, but once it has been extended, it becomes twice or even three times bigger and can comfortably admit a big company. One more advantage of such tables is their price.

Low natural kitchen dining table is in trend nowadays.

If you will decide to purchase extension table, then pay attention to material it is made of. Ideally it must be whole timber. Also find time to examine a folding mechanism and bonds.

Luxurious kitchen dining table brings some special atmosphere.

You should not be bewildered by metric area of your kitchen, having now such a rich choice. The solving variants, which are proposed by furniture producers, impress us by their design, multifunctionality, and ergonomics of their models.

Office kitchen dining table is a rather interesting solution.

Successful designing of the rest of kitchen furniture will help you to create a complete and comfortable atmosphere, where it is so pleasant to drink morning coffee, enjoying family company at the small table with a big secret.


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Oval kitchen dining table looks very interesting.

Stone kitchen dining table is a good choice for big premises.

Unusual kitchen dining table is a choice of creative people.

Wooden kitchen dining table is a good idea for contemporary interior.

Country kitchen dining table

Black round kitchen dining table is rather popular now.

Brown and black kitchen dining table has a perfect color combination.

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