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12 August, 2016

How to choose a perfect chest of drawers for different kitchen styles

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Light chest of drawers is considered to be movable.

Of course, it is impossible to mention all the kitchen design styles, but let’s try to talk about the most popular ones. The specialists define seven of them.

  1. Classic style

This direction is considered to be up-to-date, not boring, restricted but always fashionable. We can also call it functional and substantial. Here the exterior elements are thought out carefully and people appreciate classic for its reliability. The rational space organization allows to get everything even in the small kitchen, saving at the same time the traditional beauty.

Exclusive chest of drawers can be made of any material.

As to the materials, in the premise of this style it is recommended to use natural kitchen items. First of all think about oak dining tables in this case.

Hemnes chest of drawers is rather popular now.

  1. Country style

Rural motives are always pleasant and cheerful. Country “notes” sound great in the modern kitchen and can be perfectly combined with some other design styles. As well as the classic style this direction also prefers natural materials, which are complemented by some carelessness and freedom in colors.

Herefoss chest of drawers is made of high-quality materials.

As a rule the interior is enriched with wicker furniture and decorative excesses, reminding about cozy village life. Those, who give preference to this direction, usually buy a wooden dining room table for their home.

Miniature chest of drawers is set in the small premises.

  1. Ethnic style

Sometimes people consider this direction to be a continuation of the Country style, mentioned above. It is nothing but a rude mistake. Ethnic is a perfect opportunity to show individuality to the fullest. After all, you can choose any exotic or familiar way of any nation: Chinese or Japanese, Indian or Moroccan, Scandinavian or American. Do you like it? – Think about a large round dining table then.

Mixed-wood chest of drawers is a good idea for contemporary house

  1. Provence style

That is one of the most comfortable and “warm” types of design, filled with light soft tones, fine furnishings, delicate curtains, sewing and patterns, as well as the delicate plants. The furniture involves the abundance of soft wood, lightly decorated with glass and metal.

Modern white chest of drawers usually arranges a lot of things.

  1. Art deco

Art Deco means aristocracy and high cost. This kitchen design emphasizes the wealthy status of its owner. Usually this direction involves ivory, semi-precious stones, marble and the skin of exotic animals. We can also see patterns, shapes and many different elements in details. What about glass dining room tables at home?

Natural wood chest of drawers is usually set in the living room.

  1. High-tech and modern styles

This direction means straight lines, simplicity, functionality, expressed in plastic, glass and metal. Here you can find proportionality and accuracy of each line of each element. High kitchen table sets usually look perfectly well.

Oak chest of drawers can be located near the sofa.

Although the number of details in these styles is extremely small. Every thing must be considered carefully. And don’t forget about basic and additional LED lighting.

Small chest of drawers is able to bring a special atmosphere to your house.

  1. Minimalism style

This direction is characterized by minimum details and colors. Many people even prefer to use monochrome kitchen design. Bright light emphasizes the simple and endless lines, straight and shiny surfaces.

Small antique chest of drawers shares history.

It looks simple, durable, comfortable and thoroughly. The main purpose of this design is the absolute functionality. A tiny dining table and chairs can be found in the modern shops.


More photos

Tall chest of drawers can be produced from any material.

Wooden chest of drawers is a very suitable interior item.Black chest of drawers is always trendy.Block chest of drawers is suitable for modern interior.

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