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12 August, 2016

Dining set for small spaces: how to arrange everything properly

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Unusual dining set can be long or short.

Even in the tiny space, you can create an ideal place for family dinners, hearty gatherings with friends and cooking your own culinary masterpieces. Do you want to know how to make a small kitchen perfect? – Here is a list of the simplest tips. They will show you that this premise is not just a kitchen dining table, a black dinette set and some chairs for dining table.

Choosing the right planning

This is the most important issue to be resolved. – What type of plan would you prefer? If the kitchen is very small, think about the combining it with the neighboring room. It can be achieved by removing a wall or part of it.

Cozy dining set for small spaces is in trend nowadays.

If there is neither ability nor desire to do such a global change, mind the following information. – In this situation the best solution for a small kitchen will be a corner (L-shaped) or a linear plan. The first variant involves the placement of furniture along the adjacent walls, and the second – in a single row along one wall.

Dark dining set for small spaces can be of any shape.

  Choose the white shades

It is really a proven and favorite color of contemporary designers. With its help you can decorate not only walls, but also a dining set for small spaces, an apron and a tabletop.

Light dining set will look perfectly well for small spaces

Use the furniture properly

Of course, in a small kitchen it will be better to give the preference to the light furniture that will not overload the space. Also there is a pretty good and favorite idea, when kitchen cabinets are made in the color of the walls. It helps to enlarge the room visually.

Natural dining set for small spaces will be a perfect design for any premise.

Remember that in a small kitchen there is no place for massive furniture, it will look very awkward and out of place. Think about elegant light variants, which are looking harmoniously in space.

Oak dining set is often chosen for small spaces

Look for multifunctional furniture and transformers. For example, folding table will ensure the free movement in the little kitchen. Modern manufactures make different tables with sliding tops and folding wings as well as folding chairs, which can be hung on a wall or hidden behind the cupboards. A great amount of these mobile pieces is on wheels.

Plain dining set is usually arranged near the wall.

Take open shelves

Do not be afraid of open shelves. They can be your good assistants, making the kitchen a little more air and free. The main thing is to keep an order on them, otherwise everything will be in vain. Even the partial using of open shelves will make your kitchen more spacious. So don’t forget about this decorating your premise.

Round dining set cat accommodate a lot of people.

Pay attention to the lighting

In a small kitchen design we should pay special attention to lighting, because if the light is not enough, the interior will seem not only sad, but also much closer. So first of all make sure that the room receives the maximum amount of natural light.

Square dining set for small spaces usually has a lot of shelves.

Make a choice in favor of the bar

Ideal for small kitchen design is a compact bar counter, which allows to save valuable square centimeters. However, this solution is not suitable for all homes, it is most often chosen by young people living in the fast city rhythm.


More photos

Strange dining set for small spaces is chosen by creative person.

Unique dining set for small spaces is always very popular.

White dining set is a real decoration.Wooden dining set is always in trend.

Black dining set for small spaces are suitable even for offices.Corner dining set is usually chosen for small spaces

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