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12 August, 2016

Compound wooden dining table set: price-value relationship

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Safe wooden dining table set is perfect for families with children.

When we come out of the house, we permanently feel harmful impact of environment, whether we wish it or not. That is why on our return, we want to feel not only warmth and coziness, but safety as well. They usually say, that “at home even the walls help.”

And in order to have good rest and properly relax, walls, evidently, will not be enough. Home furniture creates that very true atmosphere of coziness and warmth, possibility to communicate with friends and dear people.

Strong wooden dining table set is good for families with small children.

Different materials, such as chipboard, laminated chipboard, MDF, acrylic plastic, glass, metal, stone, crossband veneer, etc., are being used for furniture production nowadays.

Round wooden dining table set is able to arrange a lot of people.

Combined furniture has cheaper price, and by its quality characteristics it is almost as good as solid timber furniture.

Rectangular wooden dining table set is rather popular nowadays.

Frame for such furniture is done from less valuable or cheaper timber kinds and not less qualitative and practical materials, such as MDF, chipboard, fibreboard, plastic, etc., as a rule, and natural timber is for foresides production.

Plain wooden dining table set is able to decorate your home.

We have already considered the pros and cons of natural timber, and now let us look at and find out, what are the artificial materials, which are used for furniture of economy class.

Narrow wooden dining table set is ideal for small premises.


Chipboard is produced from timber sawdust and shavings, soaked with formaldehyde resin as a binding matter. The most simple sample is represented by a custom dining table.

Light wooden dining table set is good for dark rooms.

Advantages: water resistance, solidity, easy in processing, cheap price.

Interesting wooden dining table set is chosen by creative people.

Disadvantages: impossibility of fine processing, presence of the resin, which can release formaldehyde, which is harmful for human organism.

Functional wooden dining table set can have some drawers.

Laminated chipboard, coated with paper-resin film

Advantages: variety of colors and textures, imitating natural timber, resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures.

Disadvantage: impossibility of fine finishing.

Elegant wooden dining table set is for romantic people.


Medium-density fibreboard is produced from very small sawdust, which is combined by lignine and paffin binders. A common kitchen round table as well as, for example, king bed frames are made from this material.

Dark wooden dining table set looks rather interesting.

Advantages: eco-friendly material, which can be utmost finely proceeded. Possesses all the advantages of timber, but, at the same time, has cheaper price and serves for longer period of time.

Cozy wooden dining table set creates a special atmosphere.

Disadvantage: in some countries is rather expensive, because its production is not properly arranged.

Black wooden dining table set is suitable for light premise.


Fiberboard is a hardboard, produced from compressed sawdust by wet pressing.

Advantage: low price, long service life.

Disadvantage: relatively small usage spectrum (mainly for back cupboards’ walls and bottoms of drawers).

White wooden dining table set is for dark rooms.

So, if to buy furniture for the house or choose custom-made one intelligently, it is possible to get fairly priced ideal combination of quality, harmony and that very unique atmosphere, which turns the ordinary flat into island of comfort, warmth and reliability for years. The most frequent sample is represented by a sofa table and and a full size headboard.


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Unique wooden dining table set will be a real decoration.

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