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13 August, 2016

Black kitchen furniture – beautiful and stylish

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High black dinette set looks rather elegant.

The black color of the furniture can give your kitchen a very stylish look. And do not be afraid of the myth that black conceals the space. If you think about all the details in right way – black furniture will emphasize the advantages of your kitchen. The modern designers are sure that black furniture is a beautiful and stylish decoration.

There are some tips, which can help make your kitchen to be in a trendy black shade, having at the same time maximum functionality.

Glass black dinette set is a good idea for small premise.

  • Black kitchen furniture (for example, black dining room sets) is usually done in a modern, industrial or hi-tech styles. However, this is not a dogma.

Glossy black dinette set looks well in any premise.

  • Designers often choose black furniture for studio space, which includes the living room, kitchen and the dining room. Black gloss or textured matte finish – this is the case, when the kitchen set is in the foreground, it isn’t hidden, but on the contrary, with its help the owner is trying to emphasize kitchen beauty and functionality.

High and long black dinette set is a good idea for small premise.

  • Black furniture for the kitchen almost always has straight lines, laconic forms, the accents of glass and chrome-plated steel, worktop made of artificial stone or stainless steel. Black facades of kitchen units can be perfectly complement by the countertops made of marble and artificial stone with white or black specks and streaks. Stylish and respectable this furniture looks, when you combine it with natural wood or stone (natural or artificial) elements. In some cases it is recommended to involve some glass dining tables of different sizes to your interior.

High-tech black dinette set is chosen by creative people.

  • Crystal chandelier or hood encrusted with crystals can became an excellent accompaniment to glamorous kitchen design in black colors. These accessories bring black gloss kitchen a special charm.

Long black dinette set can arrange many people.

  • If you decide to furnish the kitchen with black furniture, properly chosen lighting becomes really important. This is no exaggeration. Lamp located in the right place and point lights not only add light, but also liven the kitchen up. It will be more warm and welcoming. Large windows and stained glass interior doors will be ideal for such kitchen.

Modern black dinette set can bring a special atmosphere to your house.

  • It is important to choose the background for the furniture. For the kitchen, designed in black and white color scheme, it is necessary to «accent» on the contrast and give preference to wallpaper or wall painted in white or very light colors. For example, you can buy a black dining room table for this purpose. Such kitchen looks very impressive and elegant. You also can add to black kitchen the bright-saturated accents: for example, red, orange or lime. Great combination is a black-and-white variant with accents of any bright color.

Plastic black dinette set is often taken for small premises.

  • The perception of black furniture really depends on the working area with a ​​small household appliances filled with kitchen utensils and other small things, for example, products, bottles and other things, which shown that this kitchen is actively used. Some people even buy a black sofa or dark dining room tables and chairs for this purpose.


More photos

Respectful black dinette set has an elegant appearance.

Round black dinette set with podium is very popular nowadays.

Rustic black dinette set is a good idea for small family.

Slim black dinette set is perfect idea both for kitchen and for dining room.

Square black dinette set is for a good choice for small families.

Contemporary black dinette set is a good kitchen decoration.

Elegant black dinette set is a real kitchen decoration.

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