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13 August, 2016

A convenient dining table for small spaces

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Unusual dining table is chosen by creative people.

Choosing furniture for a small kitchen, you should take into account many important moments. First of all, it should be very capacious and compact. When you face the small-sized space you will have to forget about the big work surfaces and massive storage. The main things are practical fittings and the correct location of the furniture modules.

Ideal variant for small kitchen is the furniture, which makes to order, when the maker takes into account the room size, number of items to store and your habits, of course.

Brown dining table is able to decorate for small spaces

Creating a design project for a small kitchen, be sure to engage the modern kitchen accessories and fittings. It allows you to use many opportunities for the effective adaptation of a small space.

Compact dining table is a perfect coice for small spaces

When you choose furniture, you should give the preference to one that uses special kitchen units.

Convenient dining table is good for small spaces

An excellent choice for a small kitchen is a «smart» storage system: retractable and rollout. It allows you to make maximum use of corner space of the kitchen cabinets. The choice of such mechanisms is impressive: the shelf-carousel «magic corners», the system with «train» shelves, grids, containers, baskets or boxes with dividers. Its mission – to facilitate access a housewife access to the dishes and utensils, which will be stored deep inside of wall hanging cupboards and base cabinets.

Country dining table for small spaces

Especially useful in the small kitchen are units with hinged, sliding, folding and lifting doors.

Dark brown dining table is a perfect idea for two people.

Usual hinged doors of upper cabinets take up too much precious space. Lifting mechanisms, which hold the doors of the cupboards open, are very practical.

Exclusive dining table can be arranged even in the small kitchen.

A very good solution for the small kitchens – railings and hanging shelves.

Extendable dining table is in trend all over the world.

With the help of the railings your working zone countertops will always be free. And all the necessary utilities will be on hand.

Folding dining table is an amazing idea for lazy people.

Today it is very popular to get a special set for a small kitchen. It provides a sliding tabletop or a folding table. Such option essentially saves space and, if necessary, can be converted into an extra work surface or a place for a quick snack.

Large dining table an't be arranged in the small room.

Modern designer advices

Very large, but effective furniture with curved fronts is not appropriate for the small kitchen. You should give your preference to more practical and compact rectangular furnishings.

Light brown dining table can have any shape you like.

If you have a small kitchen, first of all it is necessary to take care of a comfortable work surface. Between the peaks of the triangle of your kitchen – refrigerator, sink and stove – should remain even small areas of worktops. Then in your kitchen will have enough space for cooking.


More photos

Round dining table is a perfect idea for tiny kitchens.

Round wooden dining table can have a different shape of legs.

White corner dining table for small spaces

Black dining table for small spaces is very popular nowadays.

Black round dining table is a perfect choice for small spaces

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